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Forum News - The Index
     Coverage of Forum speakers, other stories of interest

7-19-13President Obama talks to White House reporters about the Trayvon Martin verdict.
7-9-13Lathan Wood, self-described newcomer, talks of disconnect between Forum and reality on area schools and campuses.
7-2-13Mary McCray discusses the CMS budget.
7-2-13Joyce Waddell discusses year-round schools and the Common Core curriculum.
7-2-13Rodney Moore discusses the General Assembly's budget.
7-2-13Arthur Griffin reviews education trends, warns of possible descent into a two-tiered public education system.
7-1-13Patsy Kinsey is tapped by the Charlotte City Council to succeed Anthony Foxx as Charlotte Mayor. A Ken Koontz video.
7-1-13Anthony Foxx resigns as mayor and leave to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation. A Ken Koontz video.
6-25-13Allen Smith explains his task as CMS community superintendent for the Harding, Berry and West Meck areas.
6-25-13The Kinsey Collection, art and artifacts of the African-American experience, opens June 29 at the Gantt Center.
6-11-13Zwelabo Mandela narrates video about a JCSU survey on issues in the Northwest Corridor. Take the survey here.
6-4-13Juneteenth festival organizer Pape Ndiaye asks for support for upcoming event.
6-4-13Kaa Ma'at on her plans to apply for an FCC license for a low-power FM radio station serving west Charlotte.
5-7-13N.C. Rep. Rodney Moore outlines how Democrats can return to power in Raleigh by 2018.
5-7-13Dr. Gyasi Foluke comments on the value of group pressure politics.
4-30-13South Africa trip taken by students and adults: a report.
4-30-13Miss Queen City, TyNia Rene' Brandon, sings from a repetoire that will take her to the Miss North Carolina pageant.
4-16-13James Mitchell and Paul Holmes comment on the widening project under way along Beatties Ford Road
4-23-13Fulton Meachem talks about the Charlotte Housing Authority about 6 months after his arrival as CEO.
4-16-13Dr. Frederick Grosse talks about Elon Homes & Schools for Children
4-9-13Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon says only that he is "considering" mayor's race.
4-2-13John White and Bernice Feaster share spotlight at Forum.
3-26-13Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon's statement on errors and misleading statements in coverage of airport authority proposal.
3-26-13Mecklenburg Park & Rec won a national gold medal for its work. Facility Manager Calandra Barnes explains.
3-24-13Valaida Fullwood and Charles Thomas present at TEDxCharlotte about their book, "Giving Back."
3-23-13Ken Koontz has available for sale two DVDs on the Obama era. Here are two short excerpts.
3-19-13A System of Care to help families with children in emotional crisis is itself in jeopardy. A collaborative presentation.
3-19-13Whitni Wilson-Wertz, president of the Junior League of Charlotte, describes group's program for youth health.
3-19-13Nicole Dean of Belk's talks about the retailer's community involvement and education efforts.
3-12-13Dr. Nicole Priestly heads Title 1 elementaries in CMS's Central Zone.
3-12-13Stacey Rose on her application for an N.C. charter for Charlotte Learning Academy.
3-12-13Toni Tupponce of A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas on what music can do to engage children in education.
3-12-13Malachi Greene says thanks for support during his recent illness.
3-11-13Sen. Kay Hagan's message about her experience on the Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama.
2-26-13CMS flier on town halls tied to the 22 task forces, including two in April announced today at the Forum.
2-19-13Dianna Davis promotes the African American Festival running Feb. 23-24 at Independence High School.
2-19-13Richard McElrath talks about upcoming CMS math tests, which will focus on word problems.
2-19-13Sheila Peltzer of KN2P offers update on lobbying legislators to change child custody laws.
2-19-13Blanche Penn previews the Underground Railroad presentation and Black Inventions Exhibit at the Pruitt Rec Center.
2-19-13Lucy Bush Carter announces that Friendship Gardens mobile market will accept EBT cards when it resumes in March.
2-19-13Karen Gipson gives a report on the Jan. 21 MLK Prayer Breakfast.
2-19-13Becky Carney's Raleigh Report for Feb. 18
2-12-13 John A. Wall Jr., principal at West Charlotte High, addresses the Forum.
2-12-13Dr. Betty Howell Gray's statement on behalf of the National Alliance of Black School Educators on CMS goals.
2-11-13Supt. Heath Morrison's "initial thoughts on cultural competency."
2-5-13LaTarzja Henry explains her new mission for CMS:  nurturing partnerships and parent engagement
2-5-13Malachi Greene returns after an illness, issues call to action – hey, we're talking about Malachi, right?
2-4-13Anthony Foxx delivers his state of the city speech. Video and text.
1-29-13New Leaders, the national organization helping train CMS principals and other leaders, explains its program.
1-29-13Here's what Ken Koontz said about cooperation among educational institutions during the New Leaders presentation.
1-22-13Sheila Peltzer, an advocate for shared parenting custody laws, addressed the Forum.
1-22-13Rep. Kelly Alexander on literacy tests, Art Pope and more.
1-15-13Ursula Douglas describes the Nurse-Family Partnership she manages at Care Ring (formerly Community Heath Services)
1-8-13Staff of StudentFirst Academy, a for-profit charter school opening in fall 2013 at old Wilson Middle site, presents.
12-18-12The annual Christmas party.
12-11-12Beverly Irby, CEO of C.W. Williams Community Health Center ,on upcoming changes in health care, Medicare, Medicaid.
12-4-12LaWana Mayfield on City Council's decision to fill afterschool program budget gap.
12-4-12Richard McElrath on linkage between housing policy and school success.
12-4-12Ken Simmons on what it will to see West Charlotte High succeed.
11-27-12Today's student: A discussion focused on students at West Charlotte High School.
11-20-12The Gantt Center: An update from Director of Advancement Tiffany L. Graham and Marketing Specialist Sharon Holm.
11-20-12Rep. Martha Alexander with a post-election thank you and comment.
11-20-12Kat Crosby, longtime CMS educator, dies; obituary here; cached here.
11-13-12City Council's LaWana Mayfield: "We need to hear from the community."
11-13-12Outgoing county board chair Harold Cogdell on the schisms laid bare by the election
11-13-12Sen.-elect Joel Ford with some post-election commentary
11-13-12Brandi Williams with an update on Project L.I.F.T.
11-6-12Election 2012 roundup.
10-27-12Ken Simmons on what it will take to end bullying.
10-23-12Congress candidates in the 12th and 9th Districts address the Forum.
10-23-12Candidate Doug Hanks addresses questions about postings on a white supremacist web forum
10-23-12Richard McElrath says the school board has begun discussing housing patterns as they impact CMS education.
10-16-12Candidates for judge in the District Court address the Forum.
10-9-12 Candidates for district county commissioner seats and a District Court judge candidate address the Forum.
10-2-12 Candidates for county commissioner at-large, N.C. Senate address the Forum.
10-2-12 CMS board member Joyce Waddell on need for attendance at Supt. Heath Morrison's town hall meetings
10-2-12 CMS board member Richard McElrath on the staff changes already made under CMS Supt. Heath Morrison
9-25-12 Sen. Charlie Dannelly: An Appreciation
9-25-12 Title 1 Briefing: Two CMS staffers describe the federal program that puts additional dollars into high-poverty schools
9-25-12 N.C. House candidates
9-18-12 N.C. Senate candidates
9-11-12 CMS Supt. Heath Morrison talks about suspensions, school closings and other hot topics.
9-6-12 Dan Murrey writes about alternate viewing locations for DNC acceptance speech.
9-4-12 No Forum; Democratic National Convention week in Charlotte.
8-28-12 Steve Partridge, CEO of Charlotte Works, a workforce training and job placement program.
8-28-12 Dr. Gyasi Foluke responds to the death of Khalil Malik Cousart, 13.
8-21-12 CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe briefs the Forum on DNC security issues.
8-14-12 Mayor Anthony Foxx discusses the DNC, city capital needs, growth, homelessness, and his own political future.
8-7-12 Ben Carroll, Coalition to March on Wall Street South.
7-31-12 A'Shanti Gholar, Democratic National Convention coordinator of public engagement.
7-24-12 Democracy NC's Robert Dawkins, Zaina Alsous and Stefan Weathers on get-out-the-vote efforts.
7-17-12 No Forum; second N.C. primary
7-10-12 Charity Bell addresses changes in the CMS Central Secondary Zone that she leads.
7-3-12 JCSU staffer Torrey Feimster addresses rumor that the university will phase out its teacher training program.
7-3-12 Denise Watts offers an update on Project L.I.F.T., the foundation-funded rescue effort at eight west Charlotte schools
6-26-12 Sam Divine of Atlanta discusses his roots in Liberia.
6-19-12 City Council members discuss budget impasse.
6-14-12 B.B. De Laine dies; lived a life devoted to the betterment of all of God's children.
6-12-12 City Council member Claire Fallon explains her opposition to baseball and the budget.
6-5-12 A recap of the day's discussion about how Charlotte celebrates the MLK holiday.
6-5-12 Michael Barnes responds to an Observer editorial
6-5-12 Gyasi Foluke's article arguing for a commemoration, not celebration, of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
5-29-12 David Howard, Ruffin Hall and LaWana Mayfield explain the city's bond proposal and tax increase to pay for it
5-15-12 Thornton Howard argues for the power of all those other four-letter words.
5-15-12 Thomas Moore talks about teaching at Benedict, and on the need to refocus on the needs of children.
5-15-12 Stoney Sellars speaks on redefining the purpose of business success.
5-22-12 Harold Cogdell reports on county budget
5-15-12 Health care by single-payer plan was explained by Malyn Pratt and Health Care for All Charlotte.
5-8-12 Dr. Gyasi Foluke presented a statement to the CMS school board. He shares it here.
5-1-12 Judge candidates facing May 8 primaries for District Court.
4-24-12 Incoming Supt. Heath Morrison makes an unscheduled visit to the Forum. A video of his remarks.
4-24-12 N.C. Senate District 38 primary candidates.
4-17-12 Party Control: Democrats and a Republican sound off on what difference it makes in N.C. General Assembly.
4-17-12 N.C. House candidates Beverly Earle and Tom Davis.
4-17-12 Ericka Ellis-Stewart answers questions about CMS and the school board she chairs.
4-10-12 County and U.S. House hopefuls address the Forum.
4-10-12 Baseball: City Council members past and present make the case for subsidies for uptown baseball.
4-3-12 County commissioner district candidates facing primary races.
3-27-12 County commissioner at-large candidates.
3-6-12 Sickle cell and related diseases: A bookshelf of readings.
2-28-12 A critique of American education by artist Tommy Robinson.
2-28-12 Joel Ford makes an announcement.
2-28-12 Gyasi Foluke outlines "A Scheme Beyond The Dream."
2-14-12 Community groups outline their work.
2-7-12 Democratic National Convention: An update.
2-7-12 Rep. Becky Carney: A report on the legislature.
2-7-12 Budd Berro with a message from the office of Gov. Bev Perdue.
1-31-12 Jean Desravines discusses the national New Leaders organization and its school leadership training efforts.
1-24-12 Anuvia staffers Carolina Bonilla and Jenny Wade outline the work of the treatment center.
1-17-12 CMS Board leaders Ericka Ellis-Stewart and Mary McCray addressed the Forum.
1-16-12 Sarah Stevenson figures in newspaper coverage of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
1-10-12 Queen Thompson described her "Let's Have a Talk" program about the long-term effects of having an arrest record.
12-20-11 The 2012 Christmas Party.
12-6-11 Rai and Lewis Glover talk about their home health care agency.
11-29-11 CMS Area Supt. Tyler Ream's presentation focuses on what's been achieved, and not achieved, in the Central zone.
11-22-11 Stephán "Coach Q" Askew describes a business built on a public contract to operate GED programs.
11-15-11 Denise Watts offers an update on Project L.I.F.T.
11-15-11 Rep. Becky Carney: "Public will drives public policy."
11-15-11 Rep. Rodney Moore: "Devastating year in Raleigh."
11-15-11 Geneal Gregory on the Wadsworth Estate centennial calendar
11-8-11 Election night winners.
10-25-11 CMS candidate Darrin Rankin addressed the Forum. His video is on a page with candidates who spoke earlier.
10-25-11 Outgoing CMS school board member Kaye McGarry comments on school issues.
10-11-11 District candidates for Charlotte City Council addressed the Forum.
10-9-11 From Democracy NC, a message to college students.
10-9-11 Early voting places listed.
10-4-11 McCreesh Place, a facilty for formerly homeless men with disabilities.
10-4-11 Malcolm Graham offers an update on Beatties Ford Road construction of Mosaic Village
9-27-11 City Council at-large candidates address the Forum.
9-20-11 Vickie Hughes reports on her Black Girls' Corner counseling effort.
9-20-11 Richard McElrath offers an impromptu school board report.
9-20-11 Lucy Bush Carter from Friendship Trays reports on a Mobile Food Market serving food deserts in Charlotte.
9-13-11 Winners in the Charlotte City Council primary are listed.
8-30-11 Annette Taylor describes the N.C. Center for Women in Public Service.
8-30-11 Denise Watts, new director of a local, philanthropy-driven education reform plan, reports on status of Project L.I.F.T.
8-23-11 Charlotte City Council candidates facing a primary address the Forum.
8-16-11 More school board candidates address the Forum.
8-9-11 School board candidates at the Forum.
8-2-11 Brandi Williams and Jason Farafooei describe Crossroads Charlotte's "Know It To Work It" program.
7-19-11 Brenda Hayden describes Builders of Hope, a nonprofit renovator working in Lincoln Heights and Thomasboro.
7-19-11 Dr. Dan Murrey reported on preparations for the Democratic National Convention.
7-12-11 UNCC research Dr. Roslyn Mickelson summarizes her research on how academic studies view classroom diversity.
7-5-11 The Forum did not meet the day after July Fourth.
6-28-11 A flyer from Robert Dawkins about the July 15 airing of "Inside Job" is here.
6-28-11 A legislative report leaves Forum audience asking for some good news.
6-28-11 Flyers from Hector Vaca about an online petition to City Council about food trucks are here and here.
6-21-11 Pat McCoy laid out a "progressive agenda on national issues being by his group, ActionNC.
6-7-11 Frank Parker and Lonnie Davis explain the Charlotte-based Jazz Arts Initiative
5-31-11 It was classical education and classic organizing at the Forum Tuesday.
5-17-11 The Briggs v. Elliott decision from South Carolina that led to the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board
5-12-11 David Belton issues an invitation to attend a screening of "Thurgood."
4-27-11 A letter from N.C. Sen. Malcolm Graham about a meeting has general information about redistricting methods.
4-26-11 'Stick' Williams faces doubters as he explains a $50 million effort to improve westside student achievement.
4-19-11 Two Johnson C. Smith University officials outline projects under way to revive the Beatties Ford Road corridor.
4-12-11 Mary McCray's extensive comments about the CMS pay-for-performance plan are here.
4-12-11 Four speakers including Cheryl Emmanual, Patricia Raible, Kerry Miller and Mary McCray, shared the stage.
4-5-11 Pam Grundy discusses the CMS pay-for-performance plan in a Forum held at Burger King.
3-29-11 Women who broke mostly employment barriers gather to mark Women's History Month.
3-22-11 Candidates for chair of the Mecklenburg Democratic Party addressed the forum.
3-15-11 Staffers from Washington-based Center for Community Change  explain why they're in Charlotte.
3-8-11 Robert Dawkins from Democracy NC offered an update on political redistricting following Census 2010.
3-1-11 Facilitators from Crossroads Charlotte led a discussion of Get Real 2011. Scribe was absent.  (See Feb. 8 below.)
2-22-11 Forum celebrates Black History Month celebrates with a panel discussion among Charlotte-Mecklenburg trail-blazers.
2-15-11 N.C. Treasurer Janet Cowell reviews what she can, and can't, do to include minority firms in N.C. investment portfolio.
2-8-11 Tracy Russ from Crossroads Charlotte explains effort to encourage public participation in budget-setting.
2-1-11 Terry Ellington from Carolinas CARE Partnership reports that Mecklenburg has a new AIDS case each day.
2-1-11 Forum regular Maurice Jones was honored as the Forum's 2010 Rookie of the Year.
1-25-11 CMS's Mike Raible fields questions about current budget-cutting at the school system.
1-18-11 Housing Authority CEO Charles Woodyard offered a number of updates on housing policy.
1-11-11 The Forum did not meet.
1-4-11 The Forum did not meet.
12-20-10 MLK Holiday dates posted.
12-14-10 The annual Christmas Party at the Forum.
12-7-10 Three speakers present results of the recent UNCC study that pointed to areas not served by full-service groceries.
11-23-10 Johnnie Collins made a non-announcement.
11-23-10 Sadie Jordan presents information about sickle cell anemia.
11-16-10 Arthur Griffin, former CMS school board chair, comments on the history that's led to this year's school closings.
11-9-10 Robin Emmons discusses the screening of "Fresh" at a downtown venue later in the day.
11-9-10 An election discussion involved a number of successful and unsuccessful candidates followed Emmons' presentation.
11-2-10 Election results.
11-2-10 No Forum meeting; Election Day.
10-26-10 County commissioner candidates address the Forum.
10-26-10 Question about about CMS school closings draws comments from Jennfer Roberts, Howard Cogdell and Dan Murrey.
10-19-10 Candidates for the N.C. Legislature addressed the Forum. Page includes audio of candidates' opening statements.
10-12-10 CMS board members and Supt. Peter Gorman answer questions about plans to close or alter schools for fall 2011.
10-5-10 Candidates for Sheriff and District Attorney answer Forum questions.
9-21-10 Legislative candidates Charlie Dannelly, Ann Newman, Cedric Scott and Morgan Edwards addressed the Forum.
9-21-10 Proud sister Natheley marks the birthday of her brother Richard McElrath.
9-14-10 District Court candidates.
9-7-10 Trasha Black and Lisa Davis from Genesis Project describe their substance abuse and counseling services.
8-31-10 Forum participants offered solutions to education problems. Notes on the session are on web page or PowerPoint file.
8-31-10 Laura McClettie of the U.S. Census presented Sarah Stevenson with a thank you plaque for Forum's work on Census.
8-24-10 Ken Simmons outlined plans by the NAACP Education Committee to monitor CMS's Central Zone schools.
8-17-10 There's a new time for Forum meetings: 8:30 a.m. beginning Aug. 24.
8-10-10 Laura McClettie reports to the Forum on initial results of Census 2010.
8-3-10 CMS School Board Chair Eric Davis discusses community education issues.
7-27-10 Thomas Moore reads from his new book.
7-27-10 Parent University at CMS was the subject; Jeri Haigler and Carlenia Ivory were the presenters.
7-25-10 Test scores for the Central Zone secondary schools were prepared for Denise Watts' July 27 visit, which was postponed.
7-20-10 An open forum was held. No records of the discussion are available.
7-13-10 Marilyn Marks discussed the Charlotte area gleaning work of the Society of St. Andrew.
7-6-10 The Silver Fox Cheerleaders displayed some of their moves for the Forum.
7-3-10 We marked the Fourth of July with this note.
6-29-10 Denise Watts, incoming CMS official for low-performing secondary schools, discussed Spaugh's turnaround.
6-29-10 Six speakers discussed the future of the CMS Equity Committee.
6-15-10 Maurice Jones and Ron Shepherd want to recalibrate the delivery of vocational education.  
6-8-10 Darryl Bego explained his Youth Development Initiatives afterschool skills training efforts.
6-8-10 Ken Koontz offered a suggestion on how to make the Forum more accessible to working people.
6-8-10 The Rev. Geoff Lowson of a northeast England parish explained his visit to Charlotte on behalf of aid to Botswana.
6-1-10 The Friendship Garden and upcoming expansion of urban gardening initiatives: Lucy Bush Carter and associates.
5-25-10 Carolyn Flowers, CEO of Charlotte Area Transit, discusses fare hikes, advertising and other transit issues.
5-18-10 Educators call a community meeting to discuss appeal to commissioners for a sales tax hike to boost county revenues.
5-18-10 Sarah Stevenson honored by the N.C. Alliance of N.C. Black Elected Officials.
5-10-10 Charlotte City Council member Susan Burgess issues statement on her health.
5-4-10 No Forum. Primary Election Day.
4-27-10 Judge and sheriff candidates in the May 4 primary address the Forum.
4-20-10 Candidates for N.C. House addressed the Forum.
4-13-10 Candidates for N.C. House addressed the Forum.
4-6-10 Nonincumbent N.C. Senate candidates Morgan Edwards, Vince Coscia and John Montgomery address Forum.
3-30-10 Budget situation discussed by CMS Supt. Peter Gorman and County Manager Harry Jones.
3-29-10 Rep. Mel Watt plans Town Hall on April 1 at Johnson C. Smith University's Chapel.
3-23-10 Three legislators discuss controversy over voting records of members of the Meckenburg delegation.
3-16-10 Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx marks his first 100 days in office in speech to the Forum.
3-9-10 YMCA McCrorey Branch Al Austin showed a video, discussed the branch's Second Ward roots.
3-2-10 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe addressed the Forum.
2-16-10 Forum watches video "A War Four Your Soul."
2-9-10 B.B. DeLaine discusses the era of desegregation efforts and the unmet challenges of discrimination.
2-2-10 Forum quizzes elected officials from City Council, County Commission and school board. Audio answers to questions
1-26-10 Catherine C. (Kitty) Huffman remembrance; fought to desegregate Mecklenburg schools, community groups.
1-19-10 Here is a transcript of the Forum discussion of programs aimed at at-risk youth.
1-19-10 Alvin Wallace scribes a startup mentoring program titled Youth Empowered to Bring Change.
1-18-10 MLK Day took Right Moves for Youth mentors and mentees to Queens University of Charlotte for a day of exploration.
1-12-10 The Annual Party. The Year-In-Review in Pictures presented at the Annual Party is here.
1-5-10 Sharon Wright described the motorsports career awareness program operating at Garinger High School.
12-15-09 Tayaunee Dewberry described the mentoring work of Right Moves for Youth.
12-15-09 Vincent King described the life skills training work of First Tee of Charlotte.
12-15-09 Jeremiah Hopes described the goals of his private therapy practice.
12-8-2009 Derrick Long described the mentoring work of the Police Activities League, formerly Police Athletics League.
12-8-09 Elijah Watson described the mentoring work of STARS Math and English Academy, which he founded in 2000.
12-1-09 Brian Willis from 100 Black Men described that organization's mentoring efforts.
11-24-09 Rev. Ricky Woods discusses education programs that recommitted the First Baptist Church-West congregation.
1-17-09 Lawrence Toliver describes the work of the Charlotte chapter of the National Black Child Development Institute.
11-10-09 Cathy Sheafor outlines plans for Charlotte Community School for Girls, projected to open in fall 2010.
11-3-09 The Forum did not meet. Here is an audio of Mayor-elect Anthony Foxx's speech during his Oct. 20 visit.
11-1-09 Oops, we're several days late removing the info on early voting.
10-27-07 Three of the four candidates in City Council Districts 6 and 7 address the forum.
10-27-07 The Forum marks Sarah Stevenson's birthday.
10-20-09 Mayoral candidates Anthony Foxx and John Lassiter address the Forum.
10-13-09 Seven of eight candidates for at-large City Council seats addressed the Forum.
10-6-09 The only school board candidate in District 6 to appear for a Forum conversation was John Ross.
9-29-09 U.S. Rep. Mel Watt discusses federal heath care bills.
9-22-09 School board candidates in District 3 addressed the Forum.
9-15-09 The Forum did not meet on Primary Election Day. We posted this list of the winners Tuesday night.
9-8-09 School board candidates in District 1, 2 and 5 addressed the forum.
9-1-09 Republican mayoral candidates Martin Davis and John Lassiter address the Forum.
8-25-09 More City Council candidates appear at the Forum.
8-18-09 At-large Republican candidates for City Council, along with District 1 Democrat Patsy Kinsey, meet with the forum.
8-11-09 At-large Democratic  candidates in the Sept. 15 City Council Democratic Party primary spoke.
8-4-09 CMS Supt. Peter Gorman defends his budget cuts.
7-28-08 The Forum takes a field trip to see Freedom School Harambee hour at Johnson C. Smith University.  
7-21-09 CMS's Curtis Carroll introduced West Charlotte High's new principal, Shelton Jefferies.
7-14-09 No records were made of this Open Forum.
7-7-09 MeckEd officials offered a presentation on trends in public school achievement locally and nationally.
6-30-09 Kenneth A. Simmons on education of African-American children from the point of view of a black educator.
6-23-09 Five prospective candidates for school board explain why they plan to run in Districts 1, 2 and 3.
6-23-09 Practicing genealogist Dr. Vernon M. Herron presented a paper on people and places discovered locally.
6-16-09 Nathaniel Cooper announced candidacy for U.S. House; Ken Koontz suggested more than a 7-line obituary.
6-9-09 J.C. Smith University President Ronald Carter presented.
6-2-09 Veteran civil rights attorney Julius Chambers chastises Charlotte for silence over low high school graduation rates.
5-12-09 Eunice Dudley pledged that Dudley Beauty College – Charlotte would begin forging new ties with its local community.
5-5-09 County Manager Harry Jones discussed budget issues during a Forum visit. 
4-28-09 Update on Middle School Matters afterschool programs at CMS middle schools.
4-21-09 Two agencies are collaborating to encourage CMS to adopt a character education program.
4-20-09 On April 19, Molly Griffin e-mailed responses to questions asked during her April 7 visit at the Forum.
4-14-09 Terry Ellington from HIV/AIDS Regional Consortium and Trish Hobson of the Emergency Winter Shelter.
4-7-09 CMS Board Chairperson Molly Griffin addresses the Forum.
3-31-09 More women who were first during Carolinas desegregation. Page incomplete; photos only.
3-24-09 Mary Wilson from DSS speaks to the Forum; Willie Ratchford outlines crisis in parenting.
3-17-09 Three women -- Sarah Coleman, Anna Hood and Thereasea Elder -- who were "firsts" during Carolinas desegregation.
3-10-09 Charlotte Observer editorial writer Fannie Flono recounted a decade and more of writing about education.
3-3-09 The Forum did not meet due to icy roads.
2-24-09 The Housing Authority's Charles Woodyard backs off "housing czar" notion but cites need for leadership.
2-17-09 Katie Oates announces an effort to turn land off North Tryon Street into gardens to benefit neighborhood residents.
2-10-09 Ken Koontz showed and discussed WENS-TV video coverage of Inauguration Week.
2-3-09 Robert Dawkins from DemocracyNC reviewed that group's suggested reforms of N.C. election finance law.
1-27-09 John Crawford and the Rev. Marty McCarthy discuss plans for a westside Christian Classical school
1-20-09 Eric Guckian explains principal training goals for New Leaders for New Schools.
1-13-09 School board appointee James Ross backs off pledge not to run for election, addresses other issues.
1-6-09 LaWana Mayfield and Si Kahn of Grassroots Leadership explain their justice system advocacy work in Mecklenburg.
12-16-08 Dr. Thomas Moore offers a discount on his new DVD, "Come Sing and Dance With Us."
12-16-08 The Forum has its annual Christmas Party.
12-9-08 Durham's Rev. Melvin Whitley pushing a grassroots movement to restrict sale of ammunition to stop the killing.
12-9-08 Funds are needed to send the West Charlotte High School Cheerleaders to the Liberty Bowl.
12-04-08 An e-mail from the community urging collaboration in reopening Hall House for use by homeless families.
12-2-08 Memorials opened the Forum on the occasion of the death of Forum co-founder Mary Elizabeth Anthony Brooks.
12-2-08 Pam Jefsen on disaster response by the American Red Cross.
11-25-08 The Forum did not meet during Thanksgiving Week.
11-18-08 Hospice officials describe their work, seek volunteers in black community.
11-11-08 The Belk-Thalheimer contest for Mecklenburg District Court dominated discussion of the Nov. 4 election.
11-11-08 Martha Gamble Hall read from her new children's Christmas book, "A Note From Santa."
11-4-08 The Forum did not meet on Election Day.
10-28-08 Candidates for N.C. Senate, N.C. House and other positions appear; bond discussion held.
10-21-08 Candidates for N.C. House and 9th District Democratic candidate Harry Taylor address the Forum.
10-14-08 Candidates in District Court Judge contests address the Forum.
10-7-08 Impromptu tributes to Valerie Woodard, county commissioner and Forum participant, who died Friday, Oct. 3.
10-7-08 All county commissioner candidates were invited, but only the Democrats attended.
9-30-08 Candidate for N.C. Governor, Beverly Perdue, addresses the Forum.
9-23-08 Sue Gorman headlines program on Parent University, launched this month by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.
9-16-08 CMS Supt. Peter Gorman projects lower reading scores in October among community's African-American students.
9-9-08 First Legacy Credit Union and Anita Stroud Preschool Program.
9-2-08 Members of the Swann Fellowship discuss published paper, "Education and Poverty in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools."
8-26-08 New leaders in city, county government administration are introduced.
8-19-08 Nutrition Coalition is a group of nonprofits collaborating to address hunger issues in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
8-12-08 Laura McClettie presented material on Census 2010.
7-29-08 Bruce Hamlett from United Family Services outlines efforts to reach homeowners before foreclosures occur.
7-22-08 Police Chief Rodney Monroe outlines initial plans for the department
7-15-08 McCrorey YMCA Executive Director Keith Vinson makes pitch for branch's capital campaign.
7-8-08 County Manager Harry Jones makes a plea for more citizen involvement.
7-1-08 Ahmad Daniels promotes civil rights tour, prompting discussion about how Charlotte sat out the civil rights movement.
6-24-08 Robert Dawkins and two Democracy South interns make case for N.C. election finance reform.
6-17-08 During open forum, Mecklenburg County General Services Manager Leon Miller reported in upcoming reorganization.
6-10-08 Pictures of Democratic Party chair Joel Ford, plus report on N.C. Labor Commissioner candidate John Brooks.
6-3-08 Supt. Peter Gorman discusses poverty and its impact on Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.
5-27-08 Marlon Smith discusses the stage production of "Real Men Talking," slated for Friday at Spirit Square.
5-20-08 Ulysses Ford, back to award a college scholarship his family supports, talks about his native city.
5-13-08 Self-described millionaire Alvin Curry pitches his networking company as a way to riches, and lower taxes.
5-7-08 Names of primary election winners. Full results at Meckelenburg Board of Elections and N.C. Board of Elections.
5-6-08 No meeting. Primary election day.
4-29-08 Ninth District Congress primary contestants Ross Owenby and Harry Taylor.
4-22-08 Five  candidates for District Court in Mecklenburg's countywide district.
4-15-08 Commissioner candidate Harold Cogdell, insurance commissioner hopeful Nathaniel Cooper, Obama staffer Trista Allen
4-8-08 N.C. House candidates Edy Brotherton in District 103 and Nick Mackey and Drew Saunders in District 99
4-1-08 N.C. House candidates Mary Richardson, Kellly Alexander and Lloyd Scher address the Forum.
3-18-08 County commissioner candidates Jennifer Roberts and Dan Murrey.
3-11-08 8th Annual Black History Concert announced. Hear Tomi Tupponce sing.
3-4-08 Small portion of need being met for afterschool care, CMS officials tell the Forum.
3-2-08 Church in the Round at Myers Park United Methodist celebrates 10 years of bringing people together across race lines
2-26-08 West Charlotte High School Gospel Choir performs under the direction of Daniel Anthony Heath
2-19-08 Veteran broadcast Ken Koontz discusses African-Americans' early years in the business
2-10-08 Toronto Star reporter Leslie Scrivener's report on resegregation of CMS schools
2-5-08 Partial report of appearance by Generation Engage leaders Decker Ngongang and Rod Garvin
1-8-08 An update on school discipline from Council for Children's Rights and a top CMS official
12-18-07 Pictures from the annual Christmas Party
12-4-07 Sheriff candidate Nick Mackey presents himself as an educated, prepared choice to succeed Jim Pendergraph
11-20-07 League of Women Voters issues call to action to bolster equity funding in CMS public schools
11-13-07 John Crawford, Nick Gennett and Marty McCarthy present on Regent Schools of Charlotte plans for westside school.
11-6-07 Elections Day results
10-23-07 Candidates for at-large seats on Charlotte City Council
10-16-07 Candidates for at-large seats on the Board of Education
10-9-07 The many facial expressions of Mayoral candidate Pat McCrory
10-2-07  Charlotte Observer covers visit of Mayoral candidate Beverly Earle
9-23-07 Planning Director Debra Campbell outlines community's growth policy.
8-28-07 Don Reid makes case for voting to repeal the current half-cent sales tax that supports transit.
8-21-07 Charlotte City Manager Curt Walton wins plaudits for his honesty.
8-14-07  Trent Merchant and Jennifer Roberts on two aspects of voter engagement.
7-24-07  CMS Supt. Peter Gorman makes pitch for bonds, fears impact of loss at polls in November.
7-10-07  City Council members James Mitchell and Michael Barnes discuss transit tax issues.
6-12-07 Chiropractor Neil Pai discusses five factors toward good health and reviews his practice.
6-5-07 Consultant Kellie Anderson seeks more disabled young people who could benefit from job placement services.
5-30-07 POST President Claire Tate describes Middle School Matters afterschool programs to open this fall.
5-24-07 Identity theft hits poor communities hardest, counselor Mary Williams says.
5-17-07 Commissioners Chair Jennifer Roberts distributed this CMS school bonds proposal at the May 8 Forum.
5-15-07 A discussion explores a generational leadership gap in the African American community.
5-8-07 School board member George Dunlap discusses a range of current school issues.
5-1-07 This forum had no main speaker, and it began in song.
4-24-07 School board chair Joe White makes case for school bonds to accommodate district's growth, renovation needs.
4-10-07 Winners PLUS Executive Director Blanche Penn explains "Just Pull 'em Up"  campaign.
4-3-07 New Parks and Recreation Director Jim Garges introduces himself.
3-27-07 James Ross on how keeping an open mind can minimize conflict in a diverse society.
3-20-07 Thereasea Elder on the struggle to integrate Mecklenburg public health nursing.
3-13-07 Bertha Maxwell Roddy on a life of "firsts" as a black female educator, including confronting a Klan cyclops in the '70s.
3-6-07 Ella Scarborough, Sarah Stevenson and Valerie Woodard, first to serve on their respective elected bodies.
2-27-07 Average citizens of the Eastside Council helped end job discrimination in 1960s Charlotte using nothing but a chair
2-20-07 Former City Council member Ron Leeper on how to spark community change
2-9-07 UNC Law School Dean John Charles Boger on CMS policies that "put schoolchildren at risk." Comments on speech
2-8-07  Jonathan Tilove of Newhouse Newspapers quotes Charlottean Decker Ngongang, others on Barack Obama
2-6-07 Lew Myers on the 35-year effort to build up black businesses in North Carolina
1-30-07 Charlotte native John Ross recalls the vibrancy of the Brooklyn neighborhood destroyed during the 1960s
1-23-07 West Charlotte High Principal John Modest says his school needs more socioeconomic diversity
1-18-07 Jonathan Tilove of Newshouse Newspapers on MLK Boulevards
12-19-06 The Forum holds its annual Christmas Party.