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Advocate for 'shared parenting' addresses Forum

Jan. 22, 2013

Sheila Peltzer's grandchildren got caught up in the process by which family courts award custody of children to one or another parent after a separation or divorce. And Peltzer clearly believes that the law did not do right by these children or most other children.

Her experience led her to organize what has become KN2P, or Kids Need 2 Parents, an advocacy group working to reform state legislation. In her Forum presentation she said she had been advocating for change for four years. Her frustration at the slow pace of reform is evident in the video clips below, particularly during the question and answer session that followed her introductory comments.



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These excerpts from Jenks Morton's video, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, were shown at this point.

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After the video, Peltzer passed out two sheets: one was a list of 19 statistics or conclusions from research studies on how the current custody law system affects children; the other put on paper some of the statistics used in the Jenks Morton video. Then it was on to the Q&A, reported below in two parts: