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Charlotte, NC

How to contact Forum leaders
        The best way is in person Tuesday mornings, but here are other ways

To suggest a topic for an upcoming Forum: Send an e-mail that will be forwarded to Sarah Stevenson. If that e-mail is down, use this.


To make suggestions about this site: E-mail Steve Johnston. If that e-mail is down, use this.






Receive Forum e-mails

The Forum generally sends out two e-mail messages each week.


The first, a short message generally on Sunday nights, announces Tuesday's speaker.


The second is sent Tuesday afternoon and summarizes announcements made during the Forum.


To receive these messages, submit the information below. You will receive a request at your e-mail address to verify your interest in joining the list. If you do not reply to this request, your address will not be added to our list.


You may also sign up when visiting the Forum.


We do not share these addresses with other groups.

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The Forum welcomes all persons to its meetings beginning at 8:30 a.m. most Tuesdays of the year
at the West Charlotte Recreation Center, 2401 Kendall Drive, Charlotte, NC
down the hill from West Charlotte High School.